Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions of Pet Info Hut

These terms and conditions are meant to inform you about the rules and regulations applied to every user and customer. These terms have been designed to protect your privacy and our business policy. Using this website or any orders from here means you agree to the conditions.

If you disagree with the below terms, kindly refrain from using the website. Please read through the details of the policy properly before using the site. Use of the website in any manner that does not align with the terms and conditions will be considered unapproved access.


On this website, people come forward to share their experiences, thoughts, personal stories, and so on. All of the content published here is strictly restricted to educational purposes only. We are not professionals in any manner and do not provide any sort of advice or solution professionally.

We advise our users not to take any of the information available on the site as expert advice. Furthermore, the website or the contributors connected to us will not take any responsibility for the user’s action based on any information related to the site.

If you are looking for specific information related to biking, we advise you to seek expert consultation. Any piece of our information should not be used for any legal or medical use. By using our website, you agree that we will not take responsibility for any unfortunate or failed action taken, depending on the information provided here.

Rights To Intellectual Property

If you are a contributor to this site, then you only own the content provided by you. Other than that, the website owns every information, material, or intellectual property right. Users only have access to the content published here as viewers.

All of the content uploaded on our website is 100% original. If you have any confusion or doubt about any content or intellectual property mentioned here, kindly contact our support.

The Fair Use Principle

Some content or media on this website is registered under the Fair Use Doctrine (17 U.S.C. § 107). Therefore, users are permitted to use such media according to the regulations of Fair Use. However, using content or media outside the Fair Use Doctrine will be an infringement.

According to the Copyright Disclaimer, users can use the permitted media for research, comment, education, and so on. This use will not require any permission from the owners or the website.


Each website has a few restrictions to protect the policy and integrity of the website. The restrictions imposed by this website are:

  • Engaging in any sort of spamming, harassment, or threatening;
  • Using another user’s account without permission;
  • Using content or media in any manner that can harm the website policy or reputation;
  • Make use of the website that impacts or harms any other user;
  • Use the website for any illegal or fraudulent activity; 
  • Engaging in any data mining or harvesting activity relevant to the website.

Your Content

According to the Terms and Conditions, you can display any form of media on this website. This includes audio, video, image, and so on. Displaying your content on this website allows the owners to use the content in any form or place without permission.

However, the content you provide to the website must be 100% original and not an infringement of any source. We have the right to delete or remove any content uploaded to the website at any given time without notice.

No Warranties

The website will not provide any sort of refund or warranty in any case. Furthermore, users cannot claim any kind of warranty on any material or content of the website.

Affiliate Relationships

The business earns money from purchases made by customers on the website. In addition, the website will earn a small percentage if users purchase through Amazon or any other affiliate programs. However, no extra money is taken from you in any manner.

Please read our privacy policy for a better understanding of the affiliate programs.

Liability Limitations

Users cannot hold the website owners or contributors liable for any action or situation. All of our content or information are for educational purposes only. The website will not be responsible for any use of information that causes impact or harm.


Users will have to defend, indemnify, and protect the owners and contributors of the website in case of any claim or loss arising due to the user’s actions. This includes loss, expense, damage, attorney fees, and many more.


Any provision of the Terms and Conditions unenforceable by law must be reconstructed to comply with the guidelines. The actual intent of the website must remain intact in the reconstruction. Any part other than the selected section must remain in its original terms.

Complaints and Retractions

Contact support if you notice any content available on the website is inaccurate, misleading, and so on. The website will serially check the complaints and take action if necessary.

Variation of Terms

The website has the permission and authority to change or update its Terms and Conditions without prior notice. Therefore, users will have to use the website according to the Terms and Conditions visible on the site. Consequently, we advise users to keep an eye on this page regularly.


The website owners can edit, change, and add terms anytime. But users are not permitted to make changes or edit any rights or materials.