How Much Do Quaker Parrots Cost – Monk Parakeet Price 2023

Monk Parakeets or Quaker Parrots are a species of a parrot belonging to the Psittacidae family. This colorful pet friend is a social, affectionate, and intelligent pet bird, so we bird lovers prefer to have one in the house. But before that, do we know how much do quaker parrots cost? Are they expensive? Or is keeping a Quaker bird require a lot of costs?

A Quaker Parrot’s initial price ranges from $100-$550 based on the breed type and how the bird is grown. Then, you’ll need to spend money on proper maintenance, food, entertainment, veterinary care, grooming, and other expenses.

For your information, Quaker birds are illegal in some states since they might eat. So make sure you have the allowance and plan to adopt or buy this pet. However, following this article will share all the necessary costs and guidelines to pamper your new quaker.

All About Quaker Parrot or Myiopsitta monachus

If you are hoping to get a Quaker parrot, you should know that this bird species are talkative and enjoy spending time with its flock or people. But isn’t it necessary to understand the detail of the bird? Let’s quickly look at this parrot species’ details before purchasing one.

NameQuaker Parrots or monk parakeet
SpeciesMyiopsitta Monachus
AppearanceThe abdomen is greenish-yellow along with a bright green and grey chest.
ColorCommonly Green or Blue
OriginSouth America
Weight90 to 120g (approximately)
Length25 to 30cm
Lifespan20 to 30 years

How To Get A Quaker Parrot?

how much does a quaker parrot cost

Who doesn’t love to have a cute social bird like a Quaker parakeet? But quaker parrots are not legal in several states, but if you have permission, you can keep the bird. Quaker parrots are prohibited from being owned in many countries throughout the united states as they’re considered endangered.

In Pennsylvania state, a Quaker parrot usually gets caught and euthanized. And a lot of states prohibited birds as they are a threat to agriculture.

Indeed, we don’t free them from the cage, but the law talks differently. However, you have three options to get the bird with permission.

1. Getting The Bird Free

If someone willingly offers to give you the bird, then congratulations! The initial cost of purchasing the bird is unnecessary, so you’ll need the maintenance cost after getting the bird into the house.

Sometimes pet lovers purchase the bird without fully understanding the maintenance requirement and the responsibility you should take. As a result, they eventually hand over the Quaker Parrot bird to someone else.

You can therefore search for the individuals who are giving the pet. To find out the bird owner nearby, you can do an internet search or browse pet-related websites where the adoption or selling of birds is open.

2. Adoption Is An Economic Idea

Then you have the opportunity to adopt the bird, where you will probably require less money, around $50 to $300. The most economical way is to get a Quaker parrot as a pet by adopting the bird from a pet owner who is trying to give the bird to someone who loves such birds.

Adopting the bird will give them a new house, and if you can pamper the pet properly, the adaptation will be much better for your bird’s life.

Contracting the neighborhood animal owners, bird sanctuaries, or any non-profit bird organization to look for the Quaker parakeet bird. You can look for any Quakers bird in need of new homes. Before that, make sure you take all the information and condition of the bird.

The pet owner can decide to give the bird away due to old age, health difficulties, or just because they no longer like keeping the Parrot species bird. So, ensure you can keep the bird properly, then adopt it.

3. Buy From A Good Breeder

The first mistake you might make is searching for a bird at a retail store where the price is high, and the bird gets less care. Also, the bird might be taken from the jungle, and the behavior is wild! Therefore, you should seek out a reputable breeder. Even we found a pet owner who spent much time researching or searching for trustworthy resources to buy the bird. Then why not you?

Therefore, you can get a Quaker bird from a good breeder who has already taught the bird about social norms and how to talk. To buy a bird from a breeder, spending around $250 to $500 will bring you the best breeding monk parakeet.

They demand a good amount since they have struggled and took proper care to keep the bird entertained and healthy in the environment. While purchasing the bird, ensure you understand the bird can be friendly with the new house.

On the other hand, if you prefer a Quaker parrot, the breeder may take an interview with you and will probably want you to fill out an application form. Maybe they would love to make you wait until your bird is trained, or they will teach you about the bird’s habit of living.

How Much Do Quaker Parrots Cost – Monthly Pet Care Spending

how much is a quaker parakeet

Actually, it’s not about the buying cost of Quaker Parrots from the Quaker parrot for sale post. Rather, you have to understand how much money you have to spend on your bird every day or per month.

Except for the bird price, you will need an initial preparation to carry the bird in the house. You’ll need a suitable bird cage, entertainment toys, good food, an ideal environment, health care, grooming, etc.

The correct maintenance cost for the Quaker bird monthly will be $130 to $200. They need healthy foods, fresh fruits and veggies, new toys, and regular grooming. Hence, we’d like to provide the approximate monthly costs for Quaker parakeet supplies.

What Is The Average Price Of Quaker Parrots?

Without shipment, the average cost ranges from $200 to $550 for a high-quality breed of Quaker parrot. Price may vary depending on the breeder because they set their prices based on how much they spend on maintenance, food, toys, and other facilities for the bird.

Are Quaker Parrots Expensive?

Owning a green Quaker bird starts from around $250 and goes up to $550 depending on how the bird has been raised. But if you want a baby Quaker bird, you must take $400 from your pocket. If you prefer a white Quaker parrot, the cost will be around $1000-$1600.

Some other Quaker parrots are also available that are a bit pricey. But if you are an old bird lover, you know why they are expensive.

Different Quaker Parrot Cost Chart

So many pet stores and outsiders sell their birds at a high price without properly caring for them. Therefore, we have enlisted the latest average price of Quaker parrots so you can get one at the right price.

Quaker Bird TypeEstimated Cost
Green Quaker Parrot$250 to $550
Blue Quaker Parrot or Parablue$400 for normal blue and $700 to $1200 for para blue
Yellow Quaker Parrot$550 to $650
Albino Quaker Parrot$800 to $1100
Lutino Quaker Parrot$800 to $1000
White Quaker Parrot$1000 to $1600

Quaker Parrot Care And Spending Chart

After buying the bird, what are the initial steps you should take to gift the bird a secure life? Just before you take the bird home, do the initial setup, and it will probably cost $300 to $1000.

You’ll have to purchase a suitable bird cage, toys, food dishes, perches, ladders, grooming costs, vet costs, and other things for the Quakers. However, the chart will reveal the cost you need every month for your new favorite Quaker parrot.

Bed, Tank, and Cage price (Based on owners affordability)$150 to $1000
Mineral Block Chews$5
Spray Bottle$10
Nail Clippers$10
Vitamins or Supplements$5
Backup or Travel Cage$60 to $100
Cleaning supplies$100
Utensils$10 yearly
Vet visit$50 to $200
Bird Insurance$30 to $50
X-Ray$50 to $140

How Much Does A Quaker Parrot Cost Monthly: Cost and Pampering Tips

cost of quaker parrot

When treated improperly, Quakers become possessive of their cages and bites. Before making a purchase, you should look into bird rescues. In addition, these birds must be handled carefully and raised in a social environment to make them friendly and social.

However, if the state allows, you can purchase a hand-raised Quaker bird for between $100 and $250. In addition to the purchase price, you’ll need to make a monthly investment. Now, let’s see how you should maintain the monthly part.

The Initial Preparation

It’s about the preparation before getting the lovely bird. Keep 300 to 1000 dollars aside for purchasing the cage, perches, ladders, toys, food dishes, and other elements for the Quaker. You’ll need to replace the dishes and toys often because they have a chewing habit. In that case, giving chewable toys and secure branches will help you keep the voracious chewer away.

The Cage Requirements

quaker parrot price

You should spend between $100 and $200 at best for the cage. The Quaker parrot bird cage must have a minimum dimension of 24x24x24 along with a ⅝” to ¾” bar and be made of stainless steel.

But you’re always welcome to purchase a larger one if you can afford it. The more room your bird gets, the more comfortable the bird feels living.

Inside the cage, regular toy rotation is crucial to prevent boredom-related activities such as feather plucking or harming themselves. Additionally, it would be best if you attempted to give perches of various sizes for a flexible living. Besides that, installing the cement perches will ensure nail clipping.

Food Habit

quaker parrot food

A budget of $15 per week or $25 to $30 per month is a great go-after for keeping the pet healthy and wealthy with good food. Make sure you provide the pellet diets or foods that the veterinarian recommends.

Typically, your parrot Quaker love to eat seeds, vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, and food that are easy to digest since they have a weak stomach. However, you can give 1/4 cup of fresh fruits or vegetables and around three tablespoons of pellets daily.

Health Care

Quakers must maintain a healthy diet that resembles the foods they find in the wild. for their health wellness, you can spend $20 to $30 as they have the chance of feeling sick due to illnesses such as

  • Fatty liver condition
  • Aggressive behavior with feathers
  • Psittacosis.

The vet bills could be costly if the bird becomes ill or require treatment. Hence, it would be best to visit the vet once a year to keep them feeling good with proper check-ups.

Vet Visits And Medications

Meeting the veterinarian is a necessary step for every pet owner. But how much should you spend per month on the bird?

As a bird lover, go after $15 to $25 a month on medications. Also, the price of the visit to the vet may vary based on where you live.

When taking medication, a syringe is typically used orally. For long-term treatment, you’ll be responsible for the cost of syringes, which won’t cost that much. And you’ll have to spend less money if you have pet insurance. The amount for pet insurance will be cleared in the next paragraph.

Pet Insurance

Although the money for insurance varies depending on the company’s policy, you can typically anticipate paying between $10 and $50 per month. Generally, the insurance will cover facts like

  • Life security or insurance
  • Accidents or injuries
  • Sickness
  • Coverage in case the bird is stolen or escaped somehow
  • Reduction in the cost of tests, prescriptions, or lab work.

Any pet insurance will be almost similar to other insurance we do for animals such as cats or dogs.


Like the way we need grooming session, don’t you think your Quaker parrot expect the same? Yes, they do! Your parrot bird needs two or three times nail and feather trimming every year. Additionally, it’s crucial to give them space for batching to let them clean themselves.

However, you should expect to pay $200 a year or $12 to $25 monthly for the grooming. If you lack the knowledge to cut their nails or feathers, visit the vet.

Entertainment Section

The cute little parrot birds love to play with toys. So, don’t you think you should give them some entertainment for their mental and physical excitement? Of course, you should bring them different toys or other items such as ropes, ladders, puzzles, or chew blocks. To keep them lively, you can pay $30 to $200 for the entertainment section.

Maintaining The Environment

Your environment should be regularly kept neat and clean. Therefore, you must sometimes remove the trashes, replace the cage liners, or switch out the chew toys. This is cheap, where you’ll only have to pay $4 to $10 monthly.


So, we have shared from the initial spending to the monthly cost for the lovely bird Quaker Parrot. For the pet lover’s convenience, we have some frequently asked questions to offer more information about the bird. We hope you won’t miss out on this section!

1. Is a Quaker a parrot or a parakeet?

The colorful Quaker is also known as Monk Parakeet, and this bird is a species of parrot family Psittacidae.

2. Are Quaker parrots good for beginners?

The Quaker parrots will be great for beginners if you don’t mind dealing with their loud sound and territorial tendencies. They are talkative birds with affectionate personalities who enjoy bonding with their owners.

3. What is the quaker parrot blue price?

Based on the breeder’s way of care and feeding costs, the Blue Quaker will cost between $350 to $400. But make sure you have permission from the state law to keep the blue beauty parrot.

4. How much do yellow quaker parrots cost?

The normal yellow Quaker parrot cost ranges from $200 to $500. But the rare Lutino Quaker with yellow and greyish white color would be between $600 to $800.

Closing The Article Cage

It’s time to wrap up the entire article based on the colorful cute Quaker bird’s cost and maintenance money. If you are a newbie bird lover, you should know that keeping the Quaker Parrot is a little expensive.

So, whenever you decide to adopt a beautiful parrot in your family, make sure you have the affordability to offer them a large cage, toys, food, health care, and proper grooming to make them friendly-natured as they are fun-loving pets. However, if you wonder how much do Quaker Parrots cost, ensure you include the monthly and yearly spending since it’s not only about the bird but also about maintaining the parakeet bird.

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