Why Are My Cats Whiskers Bent? Is It Concerning and How to Fix?

Do your cat’s whiskers bend suddenly? Wondering why are my cats whiskers bent? Don’t know how to react?

Cats’ whiskers can be bent due to both behavioral and health problems, which can be both concerning and normal. In this case, it’s wise to monitor the cat to determine the underlying reasons and decide accordingly.

Read on to learn the most common reason that results from bent whiskers, to determine whether it’s concerning and painful for a cat or not, as well as effective tricks to fix it.

Why Are My Cats Whiskers Bent?

my cats whiskers are bent

Your cat’s whiskers can get bent for several reasons. The most common reason is that your cat may be born with bent whiskers that are becoming more visible along with her growth. The other possibilities are:

Get Damage

Cats’ whiskers may also bend due to getting damaged during grooming or through injury. If your cat plays too rough, the whiskers may also get bent. If so, your best action is to trim them back and prevent your cat from playing roughly. In most cases, whiskers will grow back straight if they are bent due to injury.

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Feline Whisker Breakdown

Some cats have feline whisker breakdown, which causes their whiskers to fall out gradually. Eventually, it replaces them with bent and shorter whiskers.

Dry Whiskers

Cat whiskers can also become dry and begin to bend. In this case, you should moisturize their whiskers. To do so, give your cat regular grooming using a humidifier to add moisture.

Get old

Another possibility is that your cat’s whiskers become old and start showing changes. Hence, you may notice the whiskers become curved or bent. Over time, the whiskers will be worn out and grow back. In between these two processes, your cat will look a bit funny, but that’s completely okay.

Excessively Rubbing

If your cat rubs her face roughly against a hard object, her whiskers can get bent. Cats love to rub against something due to their territorial tendencies, and excessively doing this practice can bend their whiskers. It’s not concerning unless this action causes whisker fatigue.

Should you be Concern If Notice Cat’s Bent Whiskers

cats whiskers bent

Whiskers are very essential parts of the sensory system of a cat, and they use them for balance and to feel their way around. It can disturb their navigating ability and hurt them if the whiskers get damaged.

Though bent whiskers aren’t concerning, you should take the cat to the vet if they bend suddenly. The veteran will diagnose the underlying issue, if it exists. Below are some potential health issues that can cause whiskers to bend:

Feeling ill

Bent whiskers can be an indication of your cat’s illness. If her whiskers drop continuously and if she lays flat against the face, something is wrong inside your cat. In this case, take your cat to the vet immediately. 


Bent whiskers can also be a sign of parasite infection. Apart from having bent whiskers, if your cat scratches her face or body unusually, she may also cause mites, which are a type of parasite. The other symptoms of parasites are weight loss, diarrhea, or lethargy. If so, your cat requires a checkup and treatment.

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Are Bent Whiskers Painful for Your Cat?

bent cat whiskers

Bent whiskers are uncomfortable and painful for the cat. Whiskers are very sensitive, and if they get bent, they can cause discomfort to your dog. To determine if your cat is in pain, look for some signs like crying, panting, or ignoring you. In addition, your cat may start hiding from you, meow more frequently, or try to escape.

After being confirmed, take the pet to the vet to find out if it has any medical issues and treat it so she can get relief.

Is a Bent Whisker Common for a Cat?

my cat whiskers are breaking off

While some believe bent whiskers are common in cats, others feel it’s a symptom of genetic abnormality. Scientifically, there is no proof that bent whiskers are common in cats or even a genetic abnormality.

However, some veterinarians notice that most cats have slightly bent whiskers and offer some theories to back up their observations.

Firstly, bent whiskers can occur due to exposure to environmental elements like water or wind. And it makes sense because, when compared to indoor cats, most outdoor cats have vent whickers.

Secondly, bent whiskers indicate poor nutrition. And the logic behind this theory is that cats with vent whiskers have poor-quality fur, so they become malnourished.

Lastly, many vets think that vent whiskers are a result of genetic abnormalities. That reason is that most genetically abnormal cats have bent whiskers.

Considering all those theories and logic, you can say bent whiskers are common in cats. However, it doesn’t mean you should react to it. Instead, talk to a vet and try to diagnose the root of the problem. If you are unable to find any concerning issues, they may enjoy the curled or bent whiskers of your cat.

Can the Bent Whiskers be fixed?

Fortunately, you can fix the bent whiskers in a couple of ways, depending on the quality of the whiskers. For instance, if the whiskers are bent a little bit, straighten them gently with a fine-toothed comb.

But if these are bent severely, cut the bent portion using a pair of scissors. Alternatively, you can use a straightening iron. However, you must be very careful with this tool, as overheating the whiskers can damage them completely.


1. Should a cat’s whiskers be straight?

Cat’s whiskers can be both straight and curly. The whiskers have sensitive sensory feelers at the tip, and they deliver tactical signals to the nervous system and brain.

2. Do Cat Whiskers Grow Back? 

Whether your cat’s whiskers are broken down or trimmed due to health problems, if their follicle remains okay, the whiskers will grow back. In general, cats’ whiskers shed occasionally.

3. How do you determine if the cat’s whiskers are okay?

Your happy cat’s whiskers should be in a neutral position, a little bit to the side. Once your cat is engaged, whiskers will pull forward and take the mount near the loose lips.

Final Words

Cats’ whiskers are a very important part of their lives, and you shouldn’t ignore them if you notice any changes. Continue to monitor their behavior in light of the potential reasons we’ve mentioned. If neither of these matches, consult a vet. However, in most cases, whiskers get bent due to their behavior rather than health issues, which aren’t concerning. Finally, don’t apply any harsh chemicals to their face to restore the whiskers.

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