Why Does My Cat Follow Me Then Run Away?

It’s quite difficult to understand a cat’s behavior, no matter how long you know them. If you don’t know why does my cat follow me then run away, read on to get some clues to determine the exact reason and respond accordingly.

Your cat can follow you and then run away due to a lack of trust in you or feeling scared of you. She may also request that you follow her to demonstrate something or play with her through this behavior.

Let’s explore the briefly.

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Why Does My Cat Follow Me And Then Run Away?

why does my cat run away from me

Cats have unique personalities, and the reason for these mysterious behaviors may also vary. However, most cats may do this act to show you something or to feel frustrated. They may also follow the owner to investigate what is going on and run off to play.

In addition, there is a significant difference between escaping and running away from someone. In the following, we’ve discussed some potential reasons that result in your cat following you and then running away, along with simple solutions:

Lack of Trust

Cats, particularly those who had a rough kittenhood, were raised by semi-feral mothers, or live in an uncomfortable shelter, might not feel safe if any human reached for them. If you adopted such a cat recently, she may follow you to notice the surrounding activities and run away when you try to get close to her. It means she is in a panic and believes that you are going to catch her and punish her.

How to Build Trust

Give your cat enough time so she can start trusting you and feel comfortable being close to you. In addition, give your cat a slow blink while making eye contact to let her know that you trust her. This way, your cat will not attack you after making eye contact with you. Eye contact can also be aggressive to the cat’s senses, so don’t stare at her.

If you want to pet her while she is following you, bend over and turn your head to keep your gaze away from her. Dangle your hand a foot away from the cat and start rubbing your finger and thumb together to create a soft sound. Then wag all the fingers to make a ripple effect.

If your cat approaches your hand instead of running away, it means she is sniffing at it. If so, keep wagging without looking at her, but don’t pet her. However, you can stroke her gently with the back of your hand. Repeating this process will help you build trust with your cat.

Another perfect time to build trust is when presenting a food dish. When she starts rushing forward to the dish while you are placing it on the floor slowly, give her a gentle stroke with the back of your hand. Over time, your cat will allow you to use your palm.


Wondering why my cat is running away from me and hiding. If your cat runs away from you and hides under the bed, it means she is in fear. Though you can help her recover, it will take time and require patience. However, you can do it quickly if you feed her. In this case, stop reaching for her and wait until she comes back to you and nudges your hand.

She may be scared of your height. When 5- to 6-foot-tall human towers over them, cats act like giants and instinctively fear that humans will take advantage of them. As a result, the cat feels helpless. However, you can reduce this fear gradually by avoiding making aggressive moves or hurting the dog. Instead, realize that you have some wonderful fingers for her.


If your cat follows you and suddenly runs away, track her to see where she is running to. Maybe she’s trying to tell you something by showing you. She may go to her food area or go through a little box to say that she wants to see you.


Your cat may also follow you and run away periodically, as she is careful with you. She may duck away from you for a while and come back once you straighten up. It obviously indicates that your cat stays close to you. After coming back, your cat may start brushing against your legs.

Want to play

Why does my cat hit me and run away? It means she wants to play with you. If your cat does the same thing every day, she’s telling you that it’s time for her to play. And she is following you and running away to catch your attention.

By doing this, she asks you to come after her and catch her if you can. If so, try to chase and withdraw from her, tease and hide from her. if you don’t know why does my cat run away from me when playing, the same answer applies to you.

Unique personality

Wondering why does my cat run away from me when I try to pick her up? Possibly, it means she likes you but doesn’t have much physical interaction with you. As a result, your cat may follow you and run away when you tend to get too close to her.

Many pet owners have had the same experience. Once revealed that her cat occasionally avoids her physical contact, particularly when she kisses the cat despite the fact that the cat has known her for years. Remember, cats have unique personalities and moods. However, she should let your pet go eventually.


cat running away from me

Many cat owners also ask why is my cat running away from them and hiding. Cats have feelings and emotions, and they love something when they want it.  While many women treat the cat as a handbag, it appreciates being treated as a cat.

So if your cat follows you and suddenly runs away and hides, it means she doesn’t want to be petted, as you might pet her too much or aggressively. But still, she wants to stay around you. It’s also true for a semi-feral cat. If so, give your cat some time and space and help her get used to your pet slowly. At a time, determine if your cat is getting overloaded or not by putting your hand on the floor and calling her. If she comes and reaches you, pet her body lightly.

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1. Why does my cat purr but run away?

If your cat purrs and runs away from you, don’t worry. It means she still loves you and likes to be petted. But she is busy now, and you disturb her, resulting in her running away.

2. Why does my cat run away from everyone but me?

If your cat experiences trauma, she may develop a fear of people. The cat may also start to fear a simple person or all humans. In addition, changing houses or bringing a new baby home can also make the cat stressed, which can encourage them to show unusual behavior.

3. Why does my cat run away from me when I try to pick her up?

If your cat runs away from you, particularly when you tend to pick on or pet her, it means she might feel uncomfortable or threatened. Though your cat loves you, that doesn’t mean she will trust you. In this case, you have to work on building trust in yourself by giving her extra time and care.

Final Words

Cats are strange animals with strange behavior. Following you and running away is an example of their mysterious activities, and this is why we love them so much and get attracted to them. However, you shouldn’t take it lightly and ignore her if you notice something unusual. Instead, track your cat, figure out the underlying reason, and treat it accordingly. Listen to her, and give her whatever she requires in her desired way.

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